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-124- Chevrolet & GMC Pickup 1932 - 1987 Parts 405-631-4400 Toll Free 1-800-354-4040 Suspension & Steering TILT FLOOR SHIFT STEERING COLUMNS Paintable Steel Chrome Plated Black Powder Coat Brushed Aluminum Polished Aluminum 1960-66 Chevy Truck 1120650010 482.00 1120650020 611.00 1120650051 611.00 1070650030 831.00 1070650040 831.00 1967-72 Chevy Truck 1120657010 435.00 1120657020 562.00 1120657051 562.00 1070657030 831.00 1070657040 831.00 1973-78 with Key 1520760010 788.00 1520760020 915.00 1520760051 916.00 N/A 1973-78 with Touch-n-Go 1526760010 Inquire 1526760020 Inquire 1526760051 Inquire N/A TILT COLUMN SHIFT STEERING COLUMNS Paintable Steel Chrome Plated Black Powder Coat Brushed Aluminum Polished Aluminum 1960-66 Chevy Truck 1140650010 750.00 1140650020 942.00 1140650051 942.00 1150650030 1276.00 1150650040 1276.00 1967-72 Chevy Truck 1140657010 702.00 1140657020 893.00 1140657051 893.00 1150657030 1276.00 1150657040 1276.00 1973-78 with Key 1540760010 1064.00 1540760020 1255.00 1540760051 1255.00 N/A 1973-78 with Touch-n-Go 1546760010 Inquire 1546760020 Inquire 1546760051 Inquire N/A INSTALLATION KITS - ALL KITS INCLUDE THE NECESSARY COMPONENTS FOR INSTALLATION Deluxe Kits - Everything necessary to install your column with new parts from the column to the gearbox. All you need to know is the diameter of the gearbox input shaft and the number of splines Econo Kits - The Econo kit is designed for the builder on a budget. The original rag joint and intermediate shaft are used. In the 1960-66 model, the shaft will need to be cut and modified to match the coupler. In the 1967-72, the original U-joint can be used with the ididit column. Remember the original rag joint is nearly 40 years old, so be sure to check that its in good condition. Original Harness - Installation kits for vehicles with a factory original harness will include a 4-way flasher kit. This flasher kit will add the convenience of a 4-way flasher as well as convert your original wiring harness to the 3!^ harness found on your ididit column. Aftermarket Harness - Many aftermarket wiring companies offer replacement panels that incorporate a 45-way flasher unit as well as the flat 3!^ harness. If you are using one of these panels, a 4-way flasher kit is not necessary, as it has been incorporated into the panel. TILT AND COLUMN SHIFT INSTALLATION KITS Kit Type Deluxe Kit - original harness Deluxe Kit - aftermarket harness Econo Kit - original harness Econo Kit - aftermarket harness Contents Coupler/Shaft/Rag Joint/ 4-way kit Coupler/Shaft/Rag Joint **U-Joint/Shaft/Rag Joint Coupler/4-way Coupler only Gearbox Input Shaft Manual - 30 Manual - 36 Manual - 30 Manual - 36 Power 13/16 - 36 ----- ---- 1960-62 3006001001 3006002001 3006001000 3006002000 N/A 3001001001 3000313449 1963-66 3006001002 3006002002 3006001000 3006002000 N/A 3001001002 3000131449 1967-7288 N/A 3007001000 3007002000 3007003000 N/A 257.00 220.00 254.00 94.00 TILT FLOOR SHIFT Add the convenience and reliability of a new column built specific for your Pickup. This steering column is not a universal column that requires modification of your original vehicle to install. Simply remove your old column, saving your original under-dash mounts as well as the original floor mount. Using one of the installation kits listed below, install your new steering column in place of the old one. Add an aftermarket wheel and the gripping surface of the new wheel will be in the same location as the original. Each column is backed by a limited lifetime warranty and is available in many different finishes. With the same specs as the tilt floor version shown above, the column shift column is just as easy to install. The column has been modified to put your aftermarket wheel in the same location as the original. The column comes complete with a neutral safety switch, however an indicator is not included. The shift pattern on the column will allow you to use either a 3-speed or 4-speed transmission - except for the early Powerglide because they have a reverse pattern transmission. A shift linkage is required for installation and will attach to the lower shift linkage provided on the column. STANDARD FEATURES: Self canceling turn signals 4-way flashers Knobs and handles 3!^ wiring harness - 36 shaft for all years TILT COLUMN SHIFT

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